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What is a Computer Tune-up

A computer tune-up is the process of enhancing a computer’s operation and resolving any problems that might be slowing it down. A computer may slow down, become sluggish, or even crash over time as a result of virus, out-of-date software, or clogged system files, among other things.

Our specialists will normally run several diagnostic checks as part of a computer tune-up to find any performance problems. This could entail inspecting the computer for malware and viruses, evaluating startup and background operations, and scanning the hard drive for faults or bad sectors.

Our expert will attempt to fix any problems once they have been located. This could entail uninstalling unwanted applications and files, updating drivers and software, or even updating hardware elements like RAM hard drives or SSDs.

A computer tune-up aims to get the machine back to its peak efficiency so that it can function smoothly and effectively. This could increase efficiency, lessen annoyance, and increase computer longevity. To keep the system in top shape and stop problems from arising, it is advised to run a computer tune-up once or twice a year.

Why get a tune-up?

A tune-up can help if your computer is performing slowly due to outdated hardware or software. Make your computer run smoothly once more. if you have a fast internet connection and no spyware or viruses. One of our skilled technicians can offer assistance remotely.

  • Boost your computer’s performance and speed.
  • Conduct a system tune-up.
  • Remove any pointless programs.
  • physical hardware cleanup
  • If virus removal is required, there will be additional fees. You will be informed in advance.
  • With the help of our remote assistance, we can provide immediate support over the internet. A specialist will establish a safe connection to your computer and diagnose the problem in real time.

Depending on the operating system of the computer and the user’s particular requirements, the precise processes needed in a computer tune-up may vary, however some typical chores include:

  • deleting any unwanted files and uninstalling any software programs that are not necessary.
  • updating installed software and the operating system to the most recent versions.
  • removing temporary files and making disc space available.
  • system settings can be changed to enhance performance and conserve resources.
  • examining hardware elements including the CPU, RAM, and hard drive for any problems.

How often should I tune-up my PC / Laptop?

As it will help stop your computer or laptop from getting malware or viruses, we advise doing it 1-2 times per year.

What happens if a technician finds a virus or Malware?

You will be charged for virus removal if a technician discovers malware or a virus on your computer or laptop, but you will be informed in advance, so the expense is not unexpected.