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What exactly is a Format / Reinstall?

The terms “format” and “reinstall” relate to the process of removing data from a computer’s hard drive or SSD, followed by reinstalling the operating system and other required software. This procedure is often carried out when the computer is experiencing chronic problems or has been infected with Viruses or Malware, or when the user wishes to start with a blank slate and delete all data and settings from the computer.

Why would you want to Format / Reinstall Windows?

If you’re having issues with Windows on your desktop or laptop computer, or if you want a fresh copy of Windows without all the bloatware, Gigasoft Computers can reinstall Windows to try to resolve your issues and make your computer run like new.

Before we perform the Format / Reninstall

The first step is to backup any vital data and files, as they will be erased throughout the format and reinstall procedure.
After that, restart the computer and boot from the installation disc or USB media. Gigasoft Computers will be prompted to format the hard drive or SSD, which will wipe all previously saved data and partitions. Following the completion of the formatting process, Gigasoft Computers will begin reinstalling Windows and any required drivers or software.
  • If you want us to install Windows 11 or later require the installation of two security technologies known as a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure boot, so Gigasoft Computers will check before installing,
  • Make a backup of your data.
  • If you wish to save personal data and files, Gigasoft Computers will back them up to an external hard drive or USB stick for you.
  • Create or obtain a Microsoft account; client Windows requires you to have a Microsoft account.
  • Connect your Microsoft account.
  • Before you may reactivate Windows, you must first link your Microsoft account to your installation of Windows 10 or 11.
  • Activate Windows.
  • Windows will be activated for you by Gigasoft Computers.